The FAA has been mandated by Congress to integrate Unmanned Aerial Systems into all US airspace.  To this end the FAA has presented the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Remote Identification. These proposed rules so heavily regulate remote control flight that it essentially bans all remote aircraft over 250 grams in the airspace…  All equipment and technology currently available and purchased in the next 1-2 years- the FAA suggests should be expected to be obsolete and illegal to use outside of FAA’s Federal Recognized Identification Areas after implementation of these new rules.  

Every remote craft over 250 grams will require registration(FEE per craft), to fly in general airspace(even your own backyard) crafts will need RID registration numbers(FEE per craft) and transponder(COST per craft), a cellular data plan(COST per craft) and connection to operate in general airspace.  All remote craft will also be required to consist of a 100% parts kit from an FAA certified manufacturer. This eliminates home built RC hobby flight outside of an FRIA completely, and is unacceptable to the large group of RC hobby pilots that love building and learning with this technology every day while safely using public airspace below 400ft. The cost and regulatory system will be extremely prohibitive for STEM programs, and create a burdensome cost to the hobbyist.  This will lead to a monopolization of the industry and consolidation of manufacturing and designing of RC aircraft. 

The FAA has provided a 60 day comment period ending March 2nd.  UFDA CREW along with the community at large has been working hard to spread the word about this new rule proposal and drive people to comment on the NPRM-  but we didn’t believe that would be enough. So we decided we cannot wait for the FAA to tell us we’re banned from the sky, we need to go to WASHINGTON DC and tell the FAA we want reasonable safe regulations that take into account the large communities of RC hobby flight enthusiasts, along with the industries, businesses, and jobs at risk.  We are gonna need your HELP TO SAVE OUR HOBBY! We will protest on February 29th in Hancock Park across the street from the main FAA Headquarters and tell the FAA to go back to the drawing board.

Donations will be used to cover the costs of event production, rental, equipment transportation, permits, and protest materials including, informational packets, picket signs, event tee-shirts, posters and more.  All protest materials will be free for people to use at the event and take home at the end. We encourage as many people to physically come as possible because we need to show the FAA and the general public that this is important enough to us that we will show up @FAAHQ!

We’d like to invite industry leaders to join us in this effort to defend the airspace for hobby pilots, professional pilots, and educational institutions alike- both commercial and hobby interests, as these new rules affect us all. Several industry leaders have already spoken against these new regulations, which go against the advice of the FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee and create an undue burden to the recreational drone and hobby flight industry.  Now is the time for all of for industry and hobbyists to unite in our efforts to save this activity we all cherish and hold dear.

Thanks to everyone that donates and comes to this protest!  Thank you even if you just support us or share this page! Together our community can stop these terrible rules from being implemented and unite our efforts behind the freedom to fly. We can, and we will make a difference for the future of hobby flight with your help. 

We’ll see you all FEB29th@FAAHQ


Join the Hobby Flight REVOLUTION!